Receptions and Formal Events

Thank you for the opportunity to make your event the absolute best. We strive to give our customers high quality food and service. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Reception  Fee $600 or like amount of food purchased

Included – table linens, center pieces, a full bar, a large stage

and dance floor.  Complimentary room rental for grooms

dinner, use of LCD projector/screen for slide show, pretzels and

chips during the dance portion of the event.  Security would be

required at a rate of $20 an hour per 100 guests.



Facilities & Accommodations

  • Dining room accommodates up to 300 guests
  • Full bar available with no set up fees or minimums
  • Easy to locate with a large parking lot
  • Centerpieces available
  • Assorted table linens
  • Punch bowl and punch cups
  • Close proximity to hotels and shopping
  • On-site DJ and cake decorator
  • All ages Welcome
  • Handicap accessible  
  • Wooden dance floor
  • High-speed wireless Internet
  • Stage for head table or entertainment
  • Podium
  • No food or beverage minimums

Specialty Cakes

The Eastgate Event Center will allow “special occasion” cakes to be brought in for wedding, anniversary, birthdays, etc.; however, we are not responsible for the storage or set up of the cake. The Event Center will provide cake cutting for a fee of $50.00 and a fee of $100.00 for cake cutting and serving. To eliminate these fees, you may supply your own cake cutters and servers. We will supply cake plates, napkins and utensils.

Available Add-On Optional Items:

Ivory Chair Covers $3.00 per chair

Chair Sash in your Colors $1.00 per chair

Drink Tickets: $4.00 ea.

Beer Kegs: Domestic $350.00 / Specialty $400.00


Selected decorations may be brought in; however, the Event Center manager must approve all decorations prior to installation. Confetti, streamers and glitter are not permitted. No floating or open flame candles. Access to the banquet room prior to the event for decoration will be determined the week of the event and will be based on room availability. Decorations, valuables and gifts must be removed from the room at the conclusion of the event. The Event Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Cake Catering

Custom cakes, desserts and sweet treats are offered at the Eastgate Event Center and Gio’s Grill & Bar for your special occasion.  All items are made from scratch by Sweet Treats By Angie. Schedule an appointment today to go over  samples and pricing. Two week notice is respectfully requested for wedding cakes and desserts.  Click her website for more information and pictures.


Final numbers for your event are due one week prior to your event.  Final Payment is also due at that time.  Additions can be made with no penalty up to two days prior to the event.  Additions made the day of event are charged an additional 25%.

Service Charges and Tax: 

All Food and Beverages are subject to a 15% service charge and current state sales tax.

Deposits and Contracts:

A non-refundable deposit  and signed contract is required at time of booking in order to reserve the event date.  The deposit will be applied towards your final bill.  A valid credit card is also required at booking.


Package  Special

This special offer includes a plated meal with a dinner salad, a fresh dinner roll and the following choices:
Choice of one Entree, One Vegetable and One Starch

Grilled Chicken Breast Baby Carrots (buttered or glazed) Mashed Potatoes w/gravy
Lemon Pepper Chicken Corn on the cob Baked Potato
Herb Chicken Herb Green Beans Roasted Herbed red potatoes
Roast Pork Loin Sweet Whole Kernel Corn Parsley buttered potatoes
Roast Beef   Wild Rice Pilaf

Pricing for this offer:

This offer includes the room rental, the services of our In-house DJ, Security for your dance and service charge. The Eastgate  Event Center will also provide centerpieces for you to decorate with your individual design, napkins in your wedding color, decorated sheet cake as well as a 3-tier display cake with a Bride & Grooms Cake (cake topper not included).  Designs may be limited due to the difficulty level.  In addition, you will receive free room rental for your grooms dinner based on availability.

100 Guests $2,395.00
125 Guests $2,995.00
150 Guests $3,495.00
175 Guests $4,095.00
200 Guests $4,395.00
225 Guests $4,995.00
250 Guests $5,295.00

Add $23.95 for each additional plate.

This pricing does not include the sales tax.

All food and beverage must be purchased and served  by the Eastgate Event Center.  Due to health codes, no food or beverage is allowed to be brought in from an outside source, or allowed to be removed from catered event, with the exception of specialty cakes and bottles of wine that have been purchased from the event center and recorked.  If you have a special food or beverage item that you would like as a part of your special day, a recipe can be supplied to our catering department and we would be happy to include it in your menu.
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